Ch'ng Huck Theng

The Award Winning Artist

LICC Shortlist Award Winner!

London International Creative Competition (LICC) was delighted to announce the Final Selection and Shortlist of the LICC 2010 competition in September 2010. 5 paintings from Chng’s 2010 creation entitled: “Brain Imaging – What You See and What You Want to See” won the Shortlist Award. LICC is a vehicle for facilitating contact between uniquely talented artists and an international audience.

About LICC: LICC was founded by Farmani Group in 2006. Among others, Farmani has founded many charities, businesses and arts organizations including The Lucie Awards and International Photography Awards. LICC was formed to provide an open platform and even playing field for all artists. The competition is open to artists from around the world and is judged solely on the artwork.

For more information please contact: Isabelle Rodker (
International Press Inquiries, Contact: Anousheh Barbezieux  (ab@frontierepr. com)
London International Creative Competition (LICC)

Born to Lead




Story Down Under


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